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Solufeed Sodium Free TEC

Solufeed Sodium Free TEC
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An advanced, carefully formulated and fully chelated micronutrient source, without sodium, for modern hydroponics systems and foliar feeding.
 A carefully formulated, balanced chelated micronutrient source for hydroponics and fertigation.

Traditional sodium-based EDTA chelates have been replaced by advanced potassium and ammonium based chelates making the new formulation more homogeneous and dust-free. it also dissolves faster and contains no sodium.  All important benefits for the progressive grower.  The analysis remains unchanged.

Solufeed Sodium Free TEC™ is a chelated micronutrient source for growers operating advanced hydroponics systems who mix their own NPK fertilises and wish to minimise feed sodium levels.

Solufeed Sodium Free TEC™ can also replace traditional Solufeed TEC™ in all applications such as general fertiliser enrichment, fertigation and foliar feeding.

Solufeed Sodium Free TEC™ can be used in the hydroponic production of tomato, cucumber and other salad crops. It is particularly valuable in modern re-circulating systems where the build-up of sodium would be detrimental. 

  • Sodium free formulation so ideal for situations where sodium levels in the soil or feed solution are an agronomic issue.undefined
  • Very high solubility for fast preparation of concentrated stock solutions.
  • Source, stock and measure out only one product providing all six micronutrients.
  • Supplied as free-flowing, dustless microgranules, so easy and pleasant to use.
  • Compatible with soluble phosphates thereby remaining effective in feed solutions.
  • Useful counter ion fertilizer contribution (K and NH4).
  • Non-hazardous to store, handle and use.
Pack sizes:
1 kg cartons and 10 kg pail.

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