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A modern range of polymer coated controlled release fertilizers with release times from 3 – 12 months

To incorporate in growing media in order to provide a steady source of all macro and micro
nutrients during a defined period of time. Nutrient release related to temperature of the
growing medium.

• Steady, accurate and predictable nutrient delivery.
• Nutrient delivery matched to demand.
• Balanced blend of all the nutrients that the plant needs.
• Economical and environmentally sound with minimal wastage of nutrients.
• Simplifies crop production management. Feed is provided at planting.
• A broad range of different release times for a very wide range of crops.
• Release rate controlled by soil temperature. Soil pH, EC and microbial activity do not affect the release significantly

Typical analysis: N-P2O5-K2O analysis % w/w of 15-7-15 or similar analysis with sulphur and the 6 essential micronutrients (iron chelated by EDTA).

Chlorine free.

Appearance: Brown prills approximately 2.5 mm diameter.

Product range: “Short” – 3 month (bedding plants/baskets)

“Medium” - 6 month (pot plants)

“Long”- 12 month (nursery stock)

Directions for use
Application rates: Varies according to species (see product label) from 2.0 – 10.0 kg per cubic metre of growing media. Sensitive species need lower rates and vigorous species higher rates.

Directions: Incorporate into the growing media at time of planting.

Sold in 1kg packs

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