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Sodium Free Ca 8.5 EDTA

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1. Mix in concentrated solution with phosphates, sulphates and other nutrients to make a stable solution – ideal where there is only a single stock tank for all nutrients.
2. To prevent and correct calcium deficiency in many agricultural, horticultural and ornamental crops. Recommended for soil and foliar application (see important note below).
3. As an effective calcium source in soils or artificial growing media where no effect on pH is desirable.
4. As an effective calcium source in hydroponics and liquid feed systems and to help overcome temporary, physiologically induced calcium deficiency. Can be used where conventional sodium (Na) based chelates would raise Na levels too much.

Solufeed Sodium Free Ca 8.5 EDTA is a highly stable, top quality, chelated calcium fertilizer for safe, efficient and convenient prevention and correction of calcium deficiency.
Compatible with soluble phosphates and sulphates, thereby remaining effective in hydroponics and liquid feed systems.
Sodium free. Ideal for use in re-circulating systems to limit sodium build-up. Can be used at high rates where sodium can be a limiting factor.
Supplied as free-flowing, dustless and soluble microgranules.
More soluble than conventional calcium EDTA based on the sodium salt. Excellent environmental and regulatory credentials.

Sold in 1kg packs

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