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Coir Low N

Coir Low N
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Coir is established as the predominant growing media for commercial soft fruit.
Coir Low N is a fully water soluble NPK fertilizer for use when crops are grown in coir. The balance of nutrients is designed to fit the characteristics of the growing media and ensure adequate and effective fertilization of the crop for optimum yield.

Designed for the vegetative growth stage of the crop (up to flowers visible). For the subsequent fruiting stages add Solupotasse (extra soluble potassium sulphate) to raise potassium (K) levels and produce large, firm and sweet fruit.

Contains the correct balance of all nutrients, optimized for growing in Coir as the substrate, to ensure healthy crops and firm sweet fruit.
A good partner feed to maintain target levels of nitrogen (N) where relatively high levels of calcium nitrate (CaNO3) are part of the feed programme. This is typically in soft water areas.
Uses the robust form of iron (Fe DTPA) with other trace elements chelated by EDTA to ensure no deficiencies.
Single product to use all season – just supplement with Solupotasse (extra soluble potassium sulphate) in the fruiting phase of the crop, from flower buds visible onwards.
Renown Solufeed ISO 9001:2015 certified quality production for reliability and peace of mind.
Main feed for strawberries grown in coir. Use alone up to flowering and in mix with Solupotasse post flowering.

Coir Low N

Directions for use
Application rates: Normally 1.0 grams per litre. Actual rate depends on water analysis and other feeds used. Use EC meter to adjust feed rate to achieve desired feed EC level. Detailed advice on rates available from Solufeed.
Directions: Usual system is to make up a 10% (10 kg in 100 litres of water) stock tank solution which is further diluted into the irrigation water using a water powered dosing pump.

Feed programme: Feed with every irrigation. Use Coir low N up to first flowers appearing. Then add 2kg Solupotasse to every 100kg stock tank solution and continue feeding through to the end of picking. Post-harvest feed Coir Special alone at reduced rate to maintain the crop.

General information
Packaging: 20 kg bag

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